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I finally got back to the gym today after EIGHT days off!  Wow, that totally snowballed.  I was really sore after last Wednesday’s kickboxing class so I wanted to take a few days off.   I’m pretty good at math, and I’m pretty sure EIGHT is more than a FEW!  Grrrrr…

Then we got busy on Saturday and lazy on Sunday.  Monday was family photo night. Tuesday was Weight Watchers and dinner out with my WW buddy!  Wednesday was my birthday so my hubby and I went out for a nice meal at Cilantro (after I scrambled to get my eCheck and plate renewal done before 5:30).  Needless to say, after all that, I was feeling really tired. I convinced myself that I needed another night off (Thursday) to focus on the blog and get to bed early so I’d be all rested up for my workout today.

Well of course I didn’t go to bed early last night so I’m still tired, but I worked out anyway!  I packed my bag last night so I didn’t have running late as an excuse not to get my workout gear ready.  I call it removing barriers (thanks to my former favorite counselor), but whatever you call it, it works!  Your goal should be to make it easy!  It’s hard enough to convince myself to be active when my natural inclination is to be lazy.  If I put more obstacles in the way, the greater the chance that I’ll just not do it.

So, I was at the gym for about 40 minutes and I did running and walking.  It wasn’t my best workout but I did manage to keep myself going until I burned 400 calories.  The best part for me was that I broke the dry spell!  Now I should  back on track with my workout plan. 

What is your workout plan?  You don’t have to do 40 minutes. Just do more than you normally do.  It has to start somewhere!

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