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ravioliJust as a friendly PSA, be sure to ask your server anything and everything you want to know about your meal when eating out.  Do not assume anything.  It’s okay to ask for modifications too.  They can say no!  It does not hurt to ask.  But if you don’t ask, you could end up regretting it big time!

I was out with my family for LUNCH on a Saturday at around 12:30pm.  I noticed that the Olive Garden menu showed the option for lunch portions and dinner portions.  Obviously, I would be served a lunch portion because it was 12:30pm.  Obviously that is lunch time.  

Then I overheard someone else ask for a lunch portion, so I asked my server to confirm that I was in fact served a lunch portion.  She kindly informed me that they serve dinner portions ALL DAY on the weekends and only serve lunch portions upon request.  HUH?  WHY?  Does one suddenly need to eat bigger portions because it’s a Saturday?!   Do calories count any less on the weekends?  And, oh by the way, could they maybe mention that to their patrons?    That would be helpful. 

I was fuming and of course this happened AFTER I had cleaned my plate.  I counted the points for that whole dish so I was darn sure going to eat it all.  If I had known it was the dinner portion, I would NOT have eaten it all for sure! 

Lesson learned.  Always ask.

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