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sad tvA few weeks ago I made a rule for myself that I wasn’t “allowed” to eat in front of the TV.  It worked great!  I was losing weight and not wasting my extra points on mindless eating that I wasn’t really “enjoying.”  It was hard but it totally prevented mindless snacking.  If I was forced to sit at the table to eat it, many times I would not choose to eat it.

BUT then I started making allowances.  It was okay to eat in front of the TV if it was fruit or veggies.  Then it was okay to eat in front of the TV if it was at least measured out first.  Then it was okay to eat in front of the TV if I had the points and told Jim what I was eating (like he was my moderator or something). And now it’s back to pretty much not having a rule.  In theory, I should be “allowed” to eat in front of the TV if (and only if) I have the points for it, but I feel like that’s not working for me. 

Sometimes I would tell myself it was about multi-tasking.  We were going to watch a show, and I didn’t want to make my husband wait on me to eat my snack.  Poor Jim, right?!  Like he would really care.  No, no!  I wanted to take my time and REALLY enjoy that snack. I didn’t want to rush through it to go watch the show. But guess what?  When the snack was about hunger, I didn’t care.  I would eat it and move on.  It was only when the snack was a “treat” that I really felt like I needed to savor it.  Those snacks/treats are fine and have their place, but it just proves to me again that I’m not eating only due to hunger.

Sometimes I felt that I “needed” to have a snack to get through a show without falling asleep.  Seriously.  If I can’t sit still for 45 minutes without falling asleep, then I need to just go to bed.  I’m a grown woman.  I can exercise a little self discipline, can’t I?  My argument was always that I wanted to enjoy a little relaxation time with my hubby, and watching our shows is a fun activity we can do together.  On the other hand, I’m sure he would rather I just go to bed than eat for the wrong reasons.  He knows as well as I do that eating for the wrong reasons just leads to me feeling bad about it and dwelling on it.  Where’s the sense in that? 

So, I think it’s time to institute the “no TV snacking” rule again.  It’s totally a danger zone for me and it’s really unnecessary.  If I’m hungry, I’ll go in the kitchen and have something!  But usually I’m not hungry.  Especially on nights when I go to the gym, there is no reason for the snacking.  We eat dinner late and I only have a few hours between dinner and bed time.  Am I really THAT hungry in 2-3 hours?!  I don’t think so.  It is challenging when Jim is having a snack and I “can’t,” but he doesn’t have the same challenges that I do.  It’s okay for him.  And I know that I “could” do it, but it just gets out of control too easily. 

I’ve heard it’s easier if you replace one behavior with another.  So what could I do INSTEAD of snacking?  I could work on my laptop.  Sometimes I do, but then I feel like I’m not really paying attention to the show and therefore not really doing something “with” Jim.  I can’t read and watch TV at the same time, so that’s out.  I could start my cross-stitch habit up again.  I used to really enjoy that and I can do it somewhat mindlessly without missing too much of the show.  I could chew gum or sip hot tea.   Maybe that would give me the feeling that I am still getting some type of snack. 

Is this an issue for anyone else?  How have you overcome it?  Anyone have any other ideas?  Please share them with us!  

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