10 Minute Dinner

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This is my 10 minute dinner that is only 8 points plus on WW!  

10 minute dinner

It was so simple.  I used pre-cooked chicken breasts that I reheated in the microwave. I steamed the asparagus in the microwave and sliced some cherry tomatoes to go with that. While my microwave was going, I sauteed some fresh mushrooms with garlic and roasted red pepper seasoning. Then I put the mushrooms on top of the chicken and covered each chicken breast with 1/2 slice of Swiss! Voila! 

It IS possible to have quick meals that are healthy, but you have to have the right ingredients and tools available to you.  This means planning ahead when you go to the grocery store and stocking your kitchen with the right tools for the job.  I don’t cook all my meals in the microwave, but it is great to be able to use it when I need a quick meal!

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